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Past Pictures September 2002
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Sometimes when I leave work for the evening, if I remember, I'll make a face for the webcam so there is something interesting up overnight. This picture was grabbed by one of my friends and used to start a thread on my friends messageboard! I believe it was called "Ha ha look at Kate".

Sent in by Kathy, with the comment, "typical day in the web department."

Then she said it looks like we should be drinking beers, so I made it look like we were!

This one is called "drinkin' on the job!"

Sent in by Summer, as a suprise on my birthday. She was over at my mom's house and was looking through our old pictures. She scanned this one of me on my... fourth? birthday? I don't know what year.
Sent in by Kathy, with the comment, "Golden birthday weekends can leave you dazed and confused." Ha. This is one I particularly liked. I am yawning, and Tracy is tying his shoe.