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Past Pictures October 2002
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Making love to the camera!

Close up bunny!!

Ha in this picture I look like a deadbeat bunny, smoking a cigarette You better not mess with THIS bunny.
OW!! Hey, quit it!!! Uh oh! He's coming to get me with his chainsaw!!
There is a scary creepy guy in the background!!
Summer and I are both dressed like bunnies! We went uptown for lunch. 3. I'm asleep. I fell off my chair.
2. Falling asleep...
This sequence of three was sent in by Ewige.

1. I am starting to doze off...

Sent in by Ewige. Gina is a butterfly!
Me, my sister Mer, and Gina! Hi!
I brought in a bunch of extra dress-up stuff since most of the people in the office didn't dress up. This is Makiko, our visiting intern from Japan. She is a bunny!
Eeek and he has a chainsaw
Happy Halloween! Ahhh my supervisor is dressed like Ash from Evil Dead! I saved this picture because I thought my highlights looked cute.
Sent in by Brian, with the comment, "I can't tell if you're feeling faint in this pic or if you're just trying to feel up your own forehead ... Here's hoping it's option one. But then again, you could just be using your psychic powers to plot world domination -- who knows!" Sent in by Robert. The only text in the message was "Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes," which my coworker Brian said means "If you know how to read this, you have too much education."
Sent in by Chris, with the comment, "tho..ra..zine.....". Today I got new highlights at the salon!
Ha! The webcam ALWAYS catches me pigging out, I swear. Here I am destroying a PB&J. This is me SQUEALING because I just put up a great new picture of Charlie's face as my desktop. That is Sue in the background. I am showing her how cute.