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Past Pictures November 2002
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This is how I look when Kathy says something really funny!

Ha ha I look bizarre in this picture.
Sent in by Kathy with the comment, "Creepy!"

Ick she's right!!! HAUNTED WEBCAM!

Sent in by Kathy, with the comment, "This photo shows your reaction to my e-mail!" because she had just sent me the "bwa ha ha!" pic.
Sent in by Kathy with the comment, "bwa ha ha!"

I think she thought it was funny that we were working in the dark!

Ha ha my pop matches my sweater!! I can't remember what my comment was going to be for this one...
I thought this pic was funny because Tracy and I both look so utterly bummed out. I wonder if it's because we both just got fired by the server computer??
Sent in by Craig. Eeek Tracy and I are getting fired!
Sent in by Craig. Tracy fights back at the artist who drew him getting killed by Godzilla. Kate helps.
Sent in by Craig. Mom sent this in, entitled "poor kate," with the comment "She looks sad and tired."

I definitely was tired. But I wasn't sad!

My friends decided to drop by and suprise me!! From left, they are Summer, Rabecca, and Sheila. My sister returned my tiger ears that she had borrowed on Halloween, and they just happened to match my shirt! YAY!
Mom sent this is with the comment, "ick," and pointed out that my face looks like this creepy mask that dad used to wear a lot on Halloween. See photo of mask at right for comparison.
This is the mask that my mom said I look like in the picture to the left. I think it's the mouth. GROSS!