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Past Pictures August 2002
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I dunno, I just thought this pic was kind of funny.

Sent in by mom, with the comment, "
Poor Kate! She looks so glum and wrecked!"

This was my first day back after my trip to LA.

Sent in by mom, with the comment, "Tracy looked pretty blue..." "but something cheered him up!"

Eeek! Scary! The webcam is fritzing out! Actually, it looks like some crazy mod art piece. HAAA! I LOVE this picture. It is so funny because I'm dazed out and staring at my computer, and Tracy is LURKING in the background. He looks creepy, like a GHOST or something. Or like he's comtemplating my murder. Or something.
Sent in by Summer, entitled "happy happy joy joy," with the comment, "You look so excited to be at work in this picture!
Did someone send you some good porn or something?!
Did you just receive an email from ME that made you so happy?? I wish I could feel as good as Kate! "