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Hey, Look! It's Tom!

My coworker Tom loves to make special guest appearances on my webcam! Keep checking back to see if he's been around lately.

It's Super Lambanana!

Striped sweater twinkies AGAIN! Plus this time we both have coffees!

Striped sweater TWINKIES!!!

I don't remember what is happening here. Maybe Tom got a haircut?

Tom? Is doing work?

Butterfly twins!

Tom bitching because he's having troubles with his new car loan. Me caring.

We both got here at SEVEN A.M.!!! EARLY BIRDS!


Tom pointing at his face wound from the rubber band! OW!

We were going to include Tracy as a special guest star but then Tracy SNAPPED TOM IN THE FACE WITH A RUBBER BAND so instead you get Tom shunning Tracy from the photo area.

Tom talking to another crazy!

Tom climbing over the cube wall.

Me pointing at Tom!

We were both listening to our headphones. TWINKIES!

Tom showing off his coffee again!

Tom showing off his coffee!

'Do Rags.


Extreme closeup!

Tom and his bowl of delicious thai pork stew!

Gina, me and Tom!

Tom and I both have colds. Twins!!!

Side view!

Yesterday, Tom and I both got haircuts from our hairdresser Pat. TWINKIES!!!

Tom peeking over my cube wall. He was on the phone with a CRAZY PERSON.

I made cupcakes. Tom LOVES cupcakes.

We looked at some more porn this morning. This time Corinne joined us. PORN!!!

Look! Today, Tom and I are TWINKIES!

Looking at PORN!

Tom and I actually WORKING! We are concentrating on the NBIA web site.

Tom got a sunburn in North Carolina!

Tom likes this one because the webcam caught him actually doing work.

Another day where it looks like Tom is going to the bathroom.

Tom taking a crap.

Tom and me!

Sunglasses and coffee!

Tom has CD-Roms for eyeballs.

Happy coworkers! Upside down again? What is Tom doing?
Upside down! Omg matching outfits!!! Twinkies!
It's probably going to be a daily occurence! After begging and pestering me to let him pose on my webcam, I finally give in and let Tom make an appearance.