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Past Pictures February 2003
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Sent in by John, with the comment, "Auditioning for a Russ Meyer film?


Being sisters is fun!! My sister and I posing for the camera!
Sent in by Jason, with the comment, "I'm so tired this morning I can't think of anything
funny to say about this picture. It just looks funny.
Or maybe it doesn't, and i'm just dumb today. Ehhh,
whatever. It's funny."
See? My scarf's got HEARTS on it!
Striking a pose. Here I am modeling my outfit.
Happy Valentine's Day! Since I love to dress up for the holidays, I have to document my cute Valentine's Day outfit here.
Yay I woke up!
Sent in by Amy, with the comment, "It's a picture of you being so
utterly and completely bored that you fell asleep!"
Pink turtleneck.