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Past Pictures May 2002
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This is such a weird picture, it looks like a huge light is exploding in my face!

Sent in by Kathy, with the comment, "Whaddya have in that sippy cup, Kate?

Bwa ha ha! No one will ever know!!! It is my SECRET!!!

Sent in by Kathy, with the comment, "It looks like you're picking your nose with a giant middle finger." Spiderkate can even climb the ceilings!
Spiderkate climbs the walls on her way to fight danger and evil! But first, even Spiderkate has to eat a healthy lunch!
Now I have completely become Spiderkate. Here, I hear trouble calling. I'd better get to the bottom of this! Tracy sits, unsuspecting, as I begin my transformation into Spiderkate. The following day, the transformation will be complete.